Transfer is a transport service with a Mercedes vehicle with a driver from location A to B, billed on the basis of the mileage (minimum 200 km, for routes shorter than 200 km, the mileage will be determined as 200 km, regardless of the length of the route).

E-Class PLN 2.40 net/km
V-Class PLN 2.65 net/km
VITO PLN 2.40 net/km
S-Class PLN 3.30 net/km

Hourly transfer

Hourly transfer is a transport service with a Mercedes vehicle with a driver available in the city, for a pre-selected number of hours, with the possibility of extension. Each additional hour increases the total mileage limit.

E-Class PLN 145 net/h
V-Class PLN 159 net/h
VITO PLN 149 net/h
S-Class PLN 199 net/h

Hourly transfer – minimum 3 hours, 90 km limit. After exceeding the 100 km limit, an additional hour will be charged: each subsequent section of started 30 km = 1 hour.

Additional charges

The price for transfers at night time (22:00-6:00) and on Sundays and holidays, will require a surcharge of 20% of the net value of the service (transport).

Longer transfers (i.e. lasting more than 3 days) will be determined by the Parties separately, based on individual pricing.

All prices are net prices (+ 8% VAT)

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